2010 Hottest Desktop Girl Final Four

First things first, let's address the voting controversy in the quarterfinals. Shortly after the voting opened, Stana Katic jumped out to an absurdly unbelievable lead over Felicia Day. Checking the IP logs, it turned out a couple of voters were repeatedly voting for Katic without voting for a single other matchup. I considered disqualifying Katic entirely, but instead I adjusted the votes and established a rule that any voter voting for just a single matchup would have his/her vote discarded. So, Katic is still alive, along with three other semifinalists. Before we get to this week's matchups, let's review the results from last week. And remember, you can always get the latest on every matchup at the DGOW 2010 home page.

"Jean Grey Region"
Blake Lively def. Erica Durance

"Emma Frost Region"
Stana Katic def. Felicia Day

"Betsy Braddock Region"
Scarlett Johansson def. Katy Perry

"Kitty Pryde Region"
Emma Caulfield def. Joanna Garcia

So that means Lively, Katic, Johansson and Caulfield are your Final Four. Voting is now open

Final Four Match-up #1Blake Lively vs Stana Katic
Final Four Match-up #2Scarlett Johansson vs Emma Caulfield

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