2010 Hottest Desktop Girl Championship Round

We're finally here. After weeks of voting, having eliminated 38 contestants (remember, there was a play-in vote), we're down to just two in the 2010 Hottest Desktop Girl of the Week Tournament. You can review the whole tournament at the DGOW 2010 home page, but let's get right to this week's results:

Final Four Match-up #1Blake Lively def. Stana Katic, 53%-47%
Final Four Match-up #2Scarlett Johansson def. Emma Caulfield, 62%-38%

That sets up a final matchup of Blake Lively vs Scarlett Johansson. Thanks to everyone who voted in all the previous rounds, even the crazy Stana Katic fans who almost blew up the voting entirely.

Rather than embed a poll below or send you off to another site, I've made it real simple for you to vote. The poll is in the sidebar (that thing to the right) on EVERY page on AdamReisinger.com. Voting will be open through noon on October 19, at which point we'll have a new image to put in place of that giant question mark up top.