Welcome to the (kinda) new AdamReisinger.com

OK, if you were paying attention over the weekend, you might have noticed some changes around here. It's nothing too jarring (it's not like we've suddenly become a right-wing propaganda website), but aside from the visual differences, there are a couple of little tweaks to help you use AdamReisinger.com a little bit better.

First, if you look a couple inches up from here, you'll probably see that neat tab bar. That replaces the link list that used to sit in the sidebar, and helps you navigate between the blog (this page) and all the various sub-sections I've set up in the past seven months. You may notice that the Buffy collection page is missing -- that's because that's not a Blogger-integrated page. I'll try and figure out how to get that page its own tab sooner or later.

There's also a collection of "share" buttons at the bottom of each post:

Those buttons allow you to e-mail, blog, tweet, Facebook or Buzz any post on AdamReisinger.com (but, really, if you "buzz" a post, I'd be shocked).

Finally, you'll notice I've pulled the RSS feeds from the sidebar, because no one was clicking on them -- and one of them was for AdamNPooZ.com, which PooZ and I never use anymore -- and replaced them with a "popular posts" widget.

Blogger added internal stat tracking awhile back (though I still use two outside tracking services along wtih Blogger's tracking) and recently created this widget. This will show the most-viewed posts in the past 30 days. To be clear, that's any post published at any time which has received the most traffic in the past 30 days, not the posts published in the last 30 days that have received the most traffic (for that, I'll continue to do my month in review posts at the beginning of each month).

I'm sure this won't be the last time that the look, feel and functionality of AdamReisinger.com changes, especially since there are still more pieces of my digital life I'd love to integrate directly into the site (for now, you can always get to them by clicking on that Links tab above). I'm also considering changing the background image. Aqua Blue has served me nicely for about three years now, but it's getting long in the tooth. I may go with something like I have on my Twitter page, which I'm also now using on my YouTube page.

If you've got any suggestions on changes you'd like to see me make to the site (visually, not content-wise, though I'm sure you've got suggestions on those too), then drop them in the comments.