The Simpsons "Elementary School Musical" Reaction

Before I get to the review of last night's episode, a little perspective. I recently bought "The Simpsons" Season 13 on Blu-ray and re-watched the whole thing. Season 13 was right in the group of seasons where people started to ask if "The Simpsons" had lived on past its prime, and it shows on re-watching (there's a lot of humor in there that is very much "in the moment", plus possibly the worst Simpsons clip show ever).

Still, I enjoyed most of Season 13 way more than I enjoyed last night's Season 22 premiere, "Elementary School Musical." A quickie recap: Krusty gets named a Nobel Peace Prize winner and decides to take Homer (and Bart) with him to the ceremony since Homer is the easiest laugh in the world. However, it turns out that Krusty is actually being taken to the Hague, where Bart and Homer must prove he's made one positive contribution to society or he'll be found guilty of crimes against humanity. Back in Springfield, Lisa attends one week of "Art Camp", falls in love with the idea of being an artist, then discovers the life of an artist isn't all it's cracked up to be.

The Krusty storyline was just stupid, and the less said about it the better (it strains credulity, even in the flexible world we allow "The Simpsons" to exist in). The Lisa storyline felt like a bunch of old Simpsons storylines slapped together in a wrapper of updated references. I never watched "Flight of the Conchords", so maybe some of those references worked better for fans of that show, but that's not what The Simpsons should be about. The Glee cameos (from only three of the cast members) were pretty much wasted too, and just seemed like an excuse to get more Fox synergy in there.

In the end, I just found myself asking how many times can they do an episode where Lisa finds a new place where she "really belongs", only to have her reject it in the end?

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