Shit My Dad Says "Pilot" Reaction

If you don't know the story behind "Shit My Dad Says", you might be confused as to why a show this bad exists. If you DO know the story behind "Shit My Dad Says" (unemployed 20-something moves in with his 70-something dad, creates Twitter feed to share the random inappropriate shit his dad says, Twitter feed becomes popular, gets turned into best-selling book, then becomes sitcom), you're probably not surprised that the show isn't any good.

There were definitely some laughable lines during last night's premiere of "Shit My Dad Says" (I'm not using CBS's lame censorship, nor will I call it "Bleep My Dad Says" like CBS's even lamer promos), but that's to be expected. The whole show is built around one-liners, and it shows, because those one-liners connect to a flimsy premise and often come with no set up or follow up.

Even within the 22-minute episode, I found myself tiring of the one-liners. The show tried to set up some depth, adding a layer of "son connecting with his father, who he never really knew growing up" on top of the general comedy, but that fell even flatter than any of the jokes delivered by anyone other than William Shatner (seriously, the cast they've surrounded him with is pretty bad).

I think if "Shit My Dad Says" proves anything, it's that you can't take a one-joke concept and turn it into a successful sitcom. It's a lesson TV executives should have learned years ago (most recently with the failure that was "Cavemen", the sitcom based on the Geico cavemen), but for some reason, people keep trying. I can't imagine "Shit My Dad Says" will be with us long, no matter how funny Shatner is (and don't get me wrong, he almost makes the show watchable. I loved the meta joke toward the end of the show where the son was doing an impression of him and Shatner said "Why can't anyone do a good impression of me.").

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