Series of Tubes: 2010-11 Fall TV Preview

I knew this was coming when the calendar flipped to September, but it really hit me when I was flipping through my DVR this week: it's almost time for the Fall TV Season. In fact, two of my regularly scheduled shows resume THIS week. We'll get to that soon, but first, here are the series that were part of my regular schedule last season that are not returning to TV this year:

Better Off Ted
Ghost Whisperer
Romantically Challenged
Sons of Tucson

Wow, that's a lot of open spaces created this year, and that follows a 2008-09 season in which seven of my shows were canceled. And despite all that, I'm only adding six new series to the lineup this season. So, here it is, my preliminary 2010-11 schedule, with new series in 2010-11 listed in red.

8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
Monday Live Chuck, NBC Gossip Girl, CW Castle, ABC
Monday DVR How I Met Your Mother, CBS -- The Event, NBC Hawaii Five-O, CBS
Tuesday Live Glee, FOX Being Erica, CBC -- --
Tuesday DVR No Ordinary Family -- -- -- --
Wed. Live -- Better with You, ABC Modern Family, ABC -- -- --
Wed. DVR -- -- Hellcats, CW -- --
Thursday Live The Big Bang Theory, CBS 30 Rock, NBC Fringe, FOX -- --
Thursday DVR The Vampire Diaries/Bones* Shit My Dad Says, CBS -- -- -- --
Friday Live -- -- -- -- -- --
Friday DVR Smallville, CW -- -- -- --
Sunday Live The Simpsons, FOX -- Desperate Housewives, ABC Mad Men, AMC
Sunday DVR -- -- -- -- -- --
*My DVR can only handle 2 simultaneous HD streams, so these generally get screwed at this hour

If you're a longtime reader of this web site, you'll notice that Sunday looks a lot lighter than it used to. Well, that's because I'm done with the Seth McFarlane-helmed animated series. "Family Guy" has gone way downhill in recent seasons, "American Dad" has always been a pale imitation of "Family Guy" and "The Cleveland Show" should have been dead on arrival.

Now, even with a reduced schedule, I've still got a lot of TV on here. Even just counting the "Live" series, that's 10 1/2 hours of TV a week (plus another 8 on DVR), which doesn't even count sports (and it's not like I'm not going to be watching the NFL or the NBA). So rather than try and post long recaps and reviews of multiple shows a week, "Series of Tubes" will become more of a "mini-review" format, like some of the "rapid reaction" posts from last season. I'll try to get to all the shows listed as Live within 24 hours of it airing (and sometimes it'll even be the same night), while DVR shows take a lower priority, and often may not be posted at all.

This grid will also be updated if shows fall off the schedule (because they suck or get canceled) and if new series that weren't on my radar to start the year get added. Rather than continually update this post, I've given the grid its own home here. Happy viewing!


  1. Hellcats......way to go Ashley Tisdale....your career is officially dead.


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