Revisiting my "Better With You" Review

About six weeks ago, I reviewed the pilot episode of "Better With You" after seeing it at Lilith Fair. I watched the episode again tonight when it aired on ABC, and I actually think I liked it better. More importantly, my feelings on the long-term prospects for the show have improved. 

Back in August, I felt like the show needed to break beyond the typical sitcom format to succeed, but now I actually think it can succeed by being itself (but better! I'm sorry! But I mean it!). Mostly, I think it can succeed because of the sheer force of will of Joanna Garcia, who is beyond adorable. Looking back on "Privileged" (one of my guilty pleasure shows from a few years back), Garcia was stuck in a tough situation, being the lead character in an ensemble cast where so many of the other characters appeared contemptible. But "Better With You"'s ensemble has a lovability that's right on the surface, which should make the show more accessible (it also helps that it's on ABC, rather than The CW, which has a built-in bias to overcome). 

I'm definitely interested to see an episode of "Better With You" that I haven't already seen (and one that doesn't have to spend so much of its time establishing the characters), but I enjoyed this one more on second viewing, which bodes well for the series. Casey, the fiancĂ© of Garcia's Mia, actually seemed kind of funny, rather than stupidly annoying like he did when I first saw the episode. As I wrote back in August, the show's not perfect. But, from what I saw tonight, I'm not sure it needs to be perfect to be good.