Lady Gaga's Monster Ball comes to Hartford

I love concerts. Hearing my favorite singers live (or in the case of Britney Spears, plausibly live) is always a good time. But even more than concerts, I love a SHOW. And there is no denying the fact that what Lady Gaga does on tour cannot be called a concert. It's an extravagant spectacle with elaborate sets, costumes and even a narrative (loose as it may be).

So, to put it as simply as possible, I fucking loved everything about last night (well, not everything -- the setup time between the opening act and Gaga's set seemed to go on FOREVER, but the show was well worth the wait).

I could go on and on about how much fun it was to see Gaga's particular brand of theatricality play out live in front of my eyes, but I'll limit myself to five quick bullet points before getting to the stuff you really want to see -- the pictures and videos.

- First up, speaking of those pictures and videos, I tried to conserve my battery when I could, but the battery on my Nikon P80 still managed to crap out right before "Bad Romance". In retrospect, I shouldn't have even turned on my camera until Gaga hit the stage, but I always end up taking ambience photos and opening act photos anyway (as well as this photo of the Whalers retired numbers... I miss the Whalers).

- As insinuated above, unlike Britney Spears, Gaga actually sings live. And she makes MULTIPLE references to this during the show. The little monsters in the crowd ate this up, butI personally don't see why you can't enjoy Gaga and Britney in their own ways.

- I loved Gaga's interactions with the crowd, which were not entirely scripted. In fact, at one point, she started talking about "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", Harry Reid's attempt to get it repealed and John McCain's planned filibuster, the news of which had broken earlier that afternoon. I wasn't surprised that Gaga got political -- and I didn't mind it, because she shows true passion for the issue. Gaga even made reference to Connecticut's senators (Dodd and Lieberman, though Dodd isn't running for re-election) and their stance on the bill.

- I didn't get any video of the piano portion of the show -- because my angle was terrible for it -- but it was definitely nice to have a little breather in what was otherwise an incredibly high energy show. Oh, and the fire on the piano was a striking visual:

- I didn't think "Telephone" would be quite the same without Beyonce there live, but it still fucking rocked.

In fact, it's one of the videos you can watch in my Lady Gaga playlist over on YouTube. Or, just hit the jump for all my photos and videos. Enjoy!