Kate Mara vs Erica Durance - Second-Round Showdown

Each day (twice on Saturday and Sunday), AdamReisinger.com will spotlight a second-round match-up in the 2010 Hottest Desktop Girl Tournament. Today's match-up is Kate Mara vs Erica Durance.

Kate Mara Erica Durance
Date SelectedApril 8, 2008April 27, 2010
First RoundDef. Rooney Mara, 52%-48%Def. Erin Karpluk, 86%-14%
BornFeb. 27, 1983June 21, 1978
Home State/ProvinceNew YorkAlberta, Canada
Hair ColorRedBrown
Known for"We Are Marshall", "Shooter""Smallville", "House of the Dead"
Six Degrees of JossAppeared in "24" with D.B. Woodside (Principal Wood from "Buffy")Appeared in Smallville with James Marsters (Spike from "Buffy")

Analysis: Well, it's been all of 24 hours since I mentioned my preference for redheads, so let me bring it up again as I advocate for Kate Mara in this matchup. Also, you have to love someone that comes from a football background (even if half that background is the New York Giants). Plus, the longer that Durance is alive in this tournament, the longer I have to care about "Smallville", and you don't want to inflict that kind of pain on me, do you?

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