Joanna Garcia vs Karen Gillan - Matchup of the Day

Each day (twice on Saturday and Sunday), will spotlight a first-round match-up in the 2010 Hottest Desktop Girl Tournament. Today's match-up is Joanna Garcia vs Karen Gillan.

Joanna Garcia Karen Gillan
Date SelectedAugust 3, 2010August 17, 2010
BornAug. 10, 1979Nov. 28, 1987
Home State/CountryFloridaScotland
Hair ColorBlondeRed
Known for"Reba", "Privileged""Dr. Who"
Six Degrees of JossAppeared in "How I Met Your Mother" with Alyson Hannigan, Neil Patrick HarrisAppeared in "Doctor Who" with Bill Nighy, who appeared in "Lucky Break" with Olivia Williams ("Dollhouse")

Analysis: Normally I try to stay relatively partial in these, but don't vote for Karen Gillan. The only reason I made her a DGOW selection is to appease my sister. Joanna Garcia is a much better choice, despite her awful, awful taste in men. Plus, if Gillan somehow wins, that means I'll hear it from my sister, which I don't need to deal with. Vote Garcia!

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