Jersey Monday: Devin Hester

The 2-0 Bears are facing the 2-0 Packers tonight on Monday Night Football, so I figured now is as good a time as any to spotlight one of my two Bears jerseys. In this case, it's my Devin Hester "authentic" that I bought back in 2007.

Why do I put "authentic" in quotes? Well, I bought this jersey off eBay for $40. If you weren't aware, an authentic Bears jersey from costs $229 (and that's actually one of the less expensive authentic jerseys available). This is a bootleg authentic, but nearly indistinguishable from a real one, and at less than 20% of the cost.

I got the Hester jersey because my best friend is a Bears fan, and it was kind of embarrassing that the only jersey I had from such a storied franchise was Curtis Enis (oh, and it'll be a sad day when I have to spotlight that one on Jersey Monday). It's still kind of sad that the only jerseys I have from this franchise are Enis and Hester, so I may have to look into getting something like a Payton or Singletary at some point in the future.

Meanwhile, this has become one of my favorite jerseys to wear, mostly because it's an "authentic" (again, no one but real jersey experts can tell the difference) but it's really lightweight. Plus, in recent years, a lot of my best authentic jerseys have been rendered unwearable either by retirement (Marvin Harrison) or team changes (Michael Vick, LaDainian Tomlinson), so as that's happened, this moves up the rotation.

Jersey Monday will continue every Monday until I run out of jerseys to spotlight. And since I’ve got more than 150 of them, that could be awhile.