How I Met Your Mother "Big Days" Rapid Reaction

I really enjoy "How I Met Your Mother". I feel like I'd enjoy it more if Ted wasn't on the show anymore. I know that makes very little sense, but a show about Barney, Robin, Lily and Marshall would be much funnier.

That said, Monday's season premiere was pretty good. Bringing back Rachel Bilson (who connects to the mother) was a good idea, even if it didn't really get us any closer to the mother solution. But, as usual, my favorite parts were non-Ted or mother related. I loved Barney's thing about "dibs" and Ted cutting off his "fake history lesson", and his challenge to Robin's hotness. I also liked that they didn't drag out Robin's non-hotness for more than an episode, since that was completely non-hot and could have easily been dragged out for two or three episodes on a lesser sitcom.

My favorite random moments from Monday night? Ted and Barney's "high six" was a close second, but nothing topped Marshall's celebratory exit from work, after he'd told everyone he and Lily were trying to have a baby. Marshall is such a dork, but pulls it off.

As for the ending, with Cindy making out with her "friend" (the subject of the disputed dibs), well, as soon as Ted went to make his move, I knew what was coming. And the last scene with the wedding? Well, now we have to wonder who's wedding it is (could be Cindy and the girl, could be Barney and Robin, could be someone else entirely), and the line about the umbrella was definitely a shoutout to the yellow umbrella.

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  1. My favorite character on the show is Ted. I like when Ted and Barney do scenes together and when Marshall and Ted do scenes together. Besides that it is Ted doing the story. Everyone has their opinion though. My brother can't stand Barney and as Marshall puts it to Ted in "No Tomorrow". We don't need another "Barney".


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