Hawaii Five-0 "Pilot" Reaction

I'm not sure why I put "Hawaii Five-0" on my schedule this year. I don't particularly like cop shows ("Castle" being the notable exception). I've been sorely disappointed by the last few remakes I've watched ("Bionic Woman", "Knight Rider", "V"). And the last time I watched an Alex O'Loughlin show ("Moonlight"), I wanted to drive a stake through his heart.

Despite all that, I really enjoyed last night's premiere of "Hawaii Five-0". I never watched the old show (before my time), so aside from character names, I didn't have any real frame of reference or expectation. The episode felt a lot like this summer's "A-Team" movie, with the team coming together for the first time, the military background and the working outside the normal bounds of the law to get things done.

The show also did a good job of setting up the series's longer story without dwelling on it. Yes, McGarrett's investigation into his father's death is going to be a big deal for the show, but this isn't a serial drama like "Lost" where there's just one big long mystery that sits out front all the time. It's also not a procedural where most events from week to week don't really matter. It's somewhere in that gray area in between, which is just right for me.

Speaking of "Lost", Daniel Dae Kim, who played Jin on "Lost" (as well as Gavin Park way back in the day on "Angel") is on the show, which is definitely a plus in my book. Also a plus: the hotness that is Grace Park (and I know it's a cliché for the badass chick to be able to go undercover as a timid girl, then get right back to kicking ass, but Park pulls it off well).

"Hawaii Five-0" isn't the kind of show that's going to win awards or revolutionize television, but it seems like it'll be a fun watch for an hour every week, and sometimes that's all you need.

Grade: B+

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