Gossip Girl "The Undergraduates" Reaction

OK, I'm going to make this short and sweet, since I'm in something of a love-hate relationship with "Gossip Girl" right now. I want to talk about two things that happened on last night's episode.

First, as you can see from the picture above, Georgina's back! Well, sort of. After everyone pretty much caught on to her scheme (thanks to a little help from a picture of her at the beach in St. Bart's on the upgraded Gossip Girl site), she showed up at Dan's door with the craziest story she's ever come up with. The weird thing is, she seemed so sincere in telling the story that you can't help but believe her. And in the end, she took Milo, because, as she put it to Dan, "he's not your son."

The moment was packed with emotion, because it marked a reversal for both of them. Dan had come to the realization that Milo wasn't his (well, he was pushed in that direction by Rufus), but was ready to raise him like he was, with the help of Vanessa, who agreed to move in with Dan. Meanwhile Georgina is finally telling the truth (we think) but somehow comes across crazier than ever, to the point that Dan was ready to keep Milo away from his mother.

As for the other thing I wanted to address in last night's episode, it was the evolution of the Blair/Serena relationship, complete with an assist from the still unseen Gossip Girl herself. When the two frenemies started literally fighting, I assumed this was going to be the same S&B antics all over again, as did pretty much everyone watching on the Gossip Girl site. Only it turned out that Serena and Blair had worked out their differences, and used everyone's expectations of them to expose Juliet. It was a nice way for the show to subvert its own frequent rehashing of that storyline, and hopefully move the characters forward in a meaningful way

It seems like increased maturity will in fact be the status quo, at least after the Serena-Nate interaction that happened later in the episode. Sure, Blair didn't exactly take the high road when it came to Eva (who is now moving in with Chuck, despite some angry interactions with Chuck, Rufus and Eric), but I feel like for the first time in awhile, all the key characters are really ready to grow past their petty differences in the past.

Well, all except Juliet that is. We got a little more insight into her secrets at the end of the episode, and even if you keep your secrets behind bars, they have a funny way of getting out. you know you love me... xo xo

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