Gossip Girl "Double Identity" Reaction

After a season premiere that fell flat for me, "Gossip Girl" got back on track this week with two simple words: Chuck Bass.

Throughout last night's episode, I was actually rooting for Chuck to stick with his plan, which was to completely leave his old life behind and create a new life as "Henry" without all the Chuck Bass baggage, but secretly hoping that wouldn't happen. "Gossip Girl" is significantly more fun when Chuck is involved, and even after three-plus years I'm still not tired of the Chuck-and-Blair entanglement. Ed Westwick did a phenomenal job in the episode playing Chuck-as-Henry, but when he showed up at the end in that suit with the "I'm Chuck Bass" mentality, that was what sold it for me (oh, and complete tangent here, but I heard Ed Westwick's real voice for the first time a couple days ago and it was kind of a shock. I really didn't know he was British, and I had always just assumed he spoke like Chuck Bass 24-7). 

I felt like the ongoing Serena "who will she choose" storyline was kind of pointless, until they threw the monkey wrench in at the end where she didn't even get to pick between Dan and Nate, because they both picked someone else. Oh, and the duplicitous Juliet? She might be my favorite addition to the cast since Georgina back in Season 1.

Speaking of Georgina, she was nowhere to be found this episode, but her impact was felt, since Rufus discovered that baby Milo has a blood type that would make it impossible for Dan to be the father. Is there about to be some baby daddy drama in a Brooklyn loft? you know you love me... xo xo

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