Gossip Girl "Belles Du Jour" Rapid Review

Spotted: the scenery may have changed, but S and B are still having the same fights they did in high school. Will Manhattan's elite ever do something new again?... xo xo

OK, so I can't really do "bitchy New York psuedo blogger", but so much of last night's Season 4 premiere of "Gossip Girl" felt like it came from the "been there, done that" department. Blair and Serena fighting over Serena overshadowing Blair (complete with Blair meltdown after finding out second-hand that Serena is going to Columbia)? Blair screwing up the royal suitor bait-and-switch? Georgina convincing everyone she'd changed when really she's still a conniving bitch? Vanessa existing? (hmmm... maybe I can do "bitchy").

I'd recap the whole "S&B Do Paris" thing, but it just felt SOOOOO tedious. I get the whole "Blair getting over Chuck" subtext to everything that was going on, but I just couldn't bring myself to care, especially when Blair made what felt like her 9,000th "we're not best friends anymore" declaration. And the fact that Blair didn't pick up on the fact that Louie was the royal, pretending to be a commoner, especially AFTER SHE WENT THROUGH THE SAME EXACT THING AT THE START OF SEASON 2 was just stupid.

As for the new stuff, I actually enjoyed most of it. Dan and Georgina are -- or should I say WERE -- living together in Rufus's Brooklyn loft, with their new baby, Milo, but they hadn't told anyone about it all summer. Meanwhile, Dan won't sign the birth certificate until he gets a paternity test. At first I was disappointed that we'd missed out on some Dan/Georgina pregnancy drama, but Georgina more than made up with it for her unveiling of the baby at Lily's society party (which totally sent Dan flying over the bridge). And, of course, after convincing everyone that she'd totally turned over a new leaf, and going so far as to provide a paternity test proving Dan is the father (though Rufus rightfully remained skeptical), she bailed, leaving Dan and the baby and going... who knows where. Look, if this is the last we see of Georgina, I'm going to be pissed.

While all this was going on, Nate was trying to be Chuck (after being gifted Chuck's little black book), and failing miserably, which led him into the arms of newcomer Juliet, who just happened to run into him at a restaurant, then later at Lily's party. Only -- SPOILER ALERT -- Juliet isn't all that she seems. I loved her little board of stalkerdom. There was even a brief second where I thought she might BE Gossip Girl, but I think there's something else entirely going on there.

As for the big reveal at the end... well, I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen the episode, but it was awesome and definitely has me looking past my S&B malaise and looking forward to next week. Until then...  you know you love me... xo xo

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