Futurama "The Mutants Are Revolting" Reaction

Last night was the 100th episode of "Futurama", which itself is a reason for celebration, regardless of the quality of the episode itself. For a show that was canceled in 2003 to be resurrected in 2010 and reach the 100-episode mark is quite an achievement.

As for the episode, "The Mutants Are Revolting", I thought it was good, with elements of greatness. Once again, the main plot -- which focused on New New York's subculture of sewer-dwelling mutants, with a touch of Fry-Leela love story mixed in -- didn't really do it for me. I've never been a fan of the mutant stories on "Futurama", but by tying in the Fry-Leela stuff, they kept me interested. It also helped that Fry's mutant form (which, spoiler alert, turned out to be another mutant that had actually swallowed Fry) was completely gross, to the point of inducing vomiting in all the other main characters.

The episode was also highly self-referential, which I really loved. The fact that their 100th episode started off with Planet Express's 100th delivery (hey! They remembered that they're a delivery company!) was great, and Bender's party scene featured more cameos than I could count.

I was a little disappointed that the exploding souffle they were delivering the beginning of the episode didn't actually explode when Mrs. Astor stuck her fork into it, but then they made up for it by having it explode (off screen, sadly) when the butler tossed the rest of it to the dogs. Also, the gyroscopic Bender in the actual delivery scene was great, as was his "running start" to jump the chasm on Mrs. Astor's asteroid. Zoidberg also gets two great visual gags, with his umbrella-assisted descent into the sewer, and how he's way in the background of the 100th delivery celebration photo.

In a way, the episode was a microcosm of this new season as a whole. Some things worked, others didn't, but more often that not it made you laugh and it was definitely worth watching. Now, onto the last top five lines list for Season 6:

Farnsworth: Good news everyone! We've been hired to make our 100th delivery.
Everyone: Yay!
Hermes: That's almost 10 per year!

Fry: Poor Leela. I feel like I ruined her life.
Hermes: You DID ruin her life!
Fry: You might be right Hermes.
Hermes: I AM right!
Fry: I almost feel like we should do something to help her.
Fry: I don't care what you say Hermes! Let's go!

Leela: How dare you?! You wanna understand something? Look at that lake. One dip in that toxic muck and your DNA will be permanently mutated. You'll grow a camel hump, or a Zoidberg face.
Zoidberg: Ugh!

Fry: I'll never have love like that. Leela hates me now. Did you guys know I have a crush on Leela?
[Professor Farnsworth slaps him with a skeleton hand]

Devo Lead Singer: As long-time mutants ourselves, we support your righteous struggle, and we'll do anything anything we can for you.
Mutant: Play "Whip It"!
Devo Lead Singer: No.

Season finale grade: B