Emma Caulfield vs Deborah Ann Woll - Second-Round Showdown

Each day (twice on Saturday and Sunday), AdamReisinger.com will spotlight a second-round match-up in the 2010 Hottest Desktop Girl Tournament. Today's second match-up is Emma Caulfield vs Deborah Ann Woll.

Emma Caulfield Deborah Ann Woll
Date SelectedJune 22, 2010July 13, 2010
First RoundDef. Amy Acker, 60%-40%Def. Anna Camp, 100%-0%
BornApril 8, 1973Feb. 7, 1985
Home StateCaliforniaNew York
Hair ColorBlondeRed
Known for"Buffy the Vampire Slayer""True Blood"
Six Degrees of JossPlayed Anya for 5 seasons on "Buffy"Appeared on "True Blood" with Aisha Hinds ("Dollhouse")

Analysis: It's the 1200-year-old former demon against the immortal virgin vampire. This is a hard one for me to pick, since Caulfield was one of my favorites on "Buffy" (and her new movie "TIMER" is a n under-the-radar good watch), but Woll is baby Jessica, easily my favorite character on "True Blood". Plus, Woll is a redhead, which is always a bonus in my book. Still, Caulfield has a significant lead so far in voting, and it'll be tough for Woll to overcome that in the last 27 hours of voting.

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