Elizabeth Banks vs Dianna Agron - Matchup of the Day

Each day (twice on Saturday and Sunday), AdamReisinger.com will spotlight a first-round match-up in the 2010 Hottest Desktop Girl Tournament. Today's match-up is Elizabeth Banks vs Dianna Agron.

Elizabeth Banks Dianna Agron
Date SelectedJune 1, 2010August 10, 2010
BornFeb. 10, 1974April 30, 1986
Home StateMassachusettsGeorgia
Hair ColorBlondeBlonde
Known for"Zach and Miri Make a Porno", "30 Rock""Heroes", "Glee"
Six Degrees of JossAppeared in "Slither" with Nathan FillionAppeared in an episode of "Glee" directed by Joss Whedon

Analysis: This is as close to a "battle of the ages" as the Desktop Girl Tournament is going to get. Banks is 12 years older than Agron, and right now voters seem to be agreeing with me in putting age before... well, I guess not before beauty, since Banks is pretty beautiful in her own right (and I'd argue hotter than Agron, no matter the age difference). We'll have to see if the Gleeks out there can get former Cheerio Quinn atop this vote by the end of the week, but right now it seems unlikely.

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