Chuck "Chuck Versus the Suitcase" Reaction

OK, rather than straight up review last night's episode of Chuck, I want to take a look at the three guest stars, each of whom played something of a key role in making the episode as good as it was.

Karolina Kurkova
The former runway model played on her own image, playing a spy posing as a runway model to smuggle key weapons technology out of Italy. Kurkova's character also managed to create some friction between Sarah and Chuck (who were already having relationship issues), just by being hot. I thoroughly enjoyed Kurkova's appearance, not just physically (though, damn, she was hot) but in creating a foil for Sarah. "Chuck" has always done a good job of giving Agent Walker worthy foes, and Kurkova lived up to that standard.

Lou Ferrigno
The former Hulk played Kurkova's bodyguard, who secretly pined for her. I'm a huge fan of Ferrigno's, and he didn't disappoint, balancing action and comedy in a perfect mix. Ferrigno pouring his heart out to the love of his life, only to turn around and find out it was Sarah (right before she punched him out) was hilarious.

Isaiah Mustafa
Look at Morgan. Now back at "Greta". Now back at Morgan. Now back at "Greta." Look down. Now up. Where are you? You're in the Buy More with the spy your spy could smell like! OK, enough of that. But seriously, how awesome is this guy? I'm actually glad he's not on any specific show as a regular, because that frees him up to go from show to show in amazing cameos. Look again, the cameos are now diamonds! (OK, really, I'll stop this time). After last week, I wasn't sure how the "Greta" thing would work out, but it seems like they're going to use it to spotlight the difference between "real" spies and Morgan, which I'm fine with. Oh, and next week, it's Stacy Keibler -- my fellow Towson alum -- so I'm extra fine with that too.

Sometimes "Chuck" overdoes it on the guest stars (just look at next week, when Nicole Richie and Steve Austin come back), but at least for this week, it was just right.

Also, even though this review is guest-star focused, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the return of Jeffster. Seeing Lester and Jeff back in the Buy More just felt right, even if I did kind of want to vomit when Jeff made his open-shirt glamour walk.

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