#BritneySpearsGlee Videos: The Musical Performances

I already reviewed each of the musical performances on this past episode of "Glee", but what fun is it just to read about them. Now you can see them all and judge for yourself. Here they are, each of the Britney Spears songs performed on "Glee", complete with commentary by Miss Britney Spears herself!

I'm A Slave 4 U - Brittany (Heather Morris)
I know how hard it is to dance with that snake!  Nice job....Wed Sep 29 03:10:49 via web

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Me Against the Music - Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana (Naya Rivera)

The Me Against The Music set looks just like the original.  Santana does a great Madonna impression.Wed Sep 29 03:16:52 via web

Baby One More Time - Rachel (Lea Michele)

Watching Baby brings back so many memories!  Feels like yesterday....Wed Sep 29 03:21:45 via web

Stronger - Artie (Kevin McHale)

I love this version of Stronger.  Artie did a great job.Wed Sep 29 03:37:25 via web

Toxic - The Glee Cast

The GLEE version of Toxic is amazing!Wed Sep 29 03:48:43 via web

If you want to watch the whole episode (including the final musical performance, Paramore's "The Only Exception"), check it out on Hulu. And be sure to watch "Glee" every Tuesday at 8 ET on FOX.