Alyson Hannigan vs Amber Benson - Matchup #2 of the Day

Each day (twice on Saturday and Sunday), will spotlight a first-round match-up in the 2010 Hottest Desktop Girl Tournament. Today's second match-up is Alyson Hannigan vs Amber Benson.

Alyson Hannigan Amber Benson
Date SelectedMarch 9, 2010April 13, 2010
BornMarch 24, 1974Jan. 8, 1978
Home StateWashington, D.C. (I know it's not really a stateAlabama
Hair ColorRedBlonde
Known for"Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "How I Met Your Mother""Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Drones"
Six Degrees of JossDo you have to ask?Really? C'mon now.

Analysis: Willow vs Tara? Adam, how could you be so cruel. Well, really it's only cruel to Amber, who despite being awesome doesn't really stand a chance in this vote. I mean, sure, we all came to love Tara, but Willow is Willow. Fortunately, Benson has broken free of her goose egg, and as of this writing does at least have one vote. I would have been sad if she got shut out. Still, it looks like Hannigan will move on easily to the Sweet 16.

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