In Review: August's Best

In case you don't remember from last month, here's the drill: is one of the vanity domains for this site. At the start of each month, I use it to spotlight the 5 most "awesome" posts of the previous month (aka the 5 posts that drew the most traffic).

For the second straight month, we set a traffic record, with an increase of 73% over last month's record. So I'd like to thank everyone for reading. I'd also like to thank the "Charmed" fan community (particularly Charmed Comic Fan and The Shadow Network) for linking to -- and reading -- my reviews of the "Charmed" comic, which have been among the most popular posts on the site. 

OK, on to the posts.

5. Futurama "The Prisoner of Benda" Reaction
Man, people must really love math theory. Or, ya know, they might actually enjoy the review of one of my favorite episodes this season, along with the video of the Scruffy/Wash-bucket scene.

4. "Blah, Blah, Vampire Emergency, Blah" - True Blood At Its Best
This will always be my favorite quote in "True Blood" history. Sookie could look straight at the screen and say "I love Adam Reisinger" and that would still come in second to "blah, blah, vampire emergency, blah." Oh Pam, never leave us.

3. Amazing Spider-Man #639 Review: One Moment in Time, Part 2
The less said about this issue the better, and I think most of my readers have agreed with me. Interestingly, my review of #640 didn't get nearly as much traffic, proving again that readers will generally be sucked in by hate more than tepid dislike.

2. Futurama "The Late Philip J. Fry" Recap/Review
I'm happy that of all the "Futurama" recaps/reviews I've done this season, this has been the most viewed, because this was my favorite episode. Oh, and I know I didn't do a review of last week's episode (because I was at Baltimore Comic-Con). I liked it. I didn't love it. And yes, the Joss Whedon joke made me laugh.

1. Charmed Comic Review, Issue #2
That didn't take long. In just three days, this became the most viewed new post in August, in part because I got the issue five days before it was available in comic stores. On a related note, having a "Charmed" comic is actually reminding me how much I loved the series. I think because I discovered "Buffy" after it was off the air, and while "Charmed" was in its final seasons, I've focused so much more on "Buffy" in recent years (and to be fair, I do think "Buffy" was a better show than "Charmed"). But "Charmed" was with me first, and the early seasons were really great stuff.

Desktop Girl of the Week: Deborah Ann Woll
Last month's DGOW of the Month was actually the most viewed post during the month of August, drawing nearly three times the traffic of the "Charmed" review. In fact, the top three most viewed posts of the month were past DGOW selections, with Christina Hendricks and Anna Camp joining Woll. "True Blood" and "Mad Men" fans love their hotties.

Gillan gets this award, but it comes with a caveat. Sure, she was the most-viewed among August's selections, but only 5th overall among DGOW. Also, Rooney Mara, the final selection of August, had exactly three hours in which to compile pageviews. And if I included early traffic from today (the first day of September), she might actually beat out Gillan. Other DGOW selections this past month were Joanna Garcia, Dianna Agron and Alice Eve.