Jersey Monday: Michael Westbrook

It's almost football season (preseason football doesn't count) which means it's almost time for me to be disappointed by the Redskins again. Yeah, I tend to be pretty pessimistic about my favorite teams annually, but if you had some of the jerseys I had, you'd feel the same way too.

One of my many embarrassing Redskins jerseys is this Michael Westbrook replica from the late '90s. I actually wore this to a Redskins-Eagles game at the Vet in 1997 and made it out alive. However, on my way out of the stadium -- following a Redskins loss -- a drunk Eagles fan suggested I burn the jersey, to which I replied, "I tried, but it keeps flaming out after a couple minutes."

It was both an attempt to not get my ass kicked (a successful one at that) and a statement on Westbrook's career. By that point, he former No. 4 overall pick was in his third season in the league and had yet to crack 600 yards receiving in a season. His best season as a Redskin was still two years off, and he finished his Washington career with 277 receptions and 4,280 yards in 80 games. That comes out to 3.5 catches and 53.5 yards per game, which isn't really worth the No. 4 overall pick, but honestly isn't as bad as I remember from Westbrook. He wasn't helped by the fact he missed 32 games during his Redskins career.

This jersey itself is a Wilson replica and is of pretty flimsy quality, which I guess is apropos, because like Westbrook, it LOOKS like a decent enough facsimile of the real thing, but doesn't hold up under scrutiny.

Jersey Monday will continue every Monday until I run out of jerseys to spotlight. And since I’ve got more than 150 of them, that could be awhile.