The "Glee" Britney Episode: The Songs They Should Do

One of the reasons I decided to catch up on "Glee" when I did was because of the confirmations that this fall, "Glee" will be doing a Britney Spears episode. In fact, this week it was confirmed that Ms. Spears herself will be appearing in the episode, which just increases my level of excitement for this episode (remember Britney's "How I Met Your Mother" appearances? Those were awesome).

Now, I may not officially be a Gleek yet, but when it comes to Britney Spears, I feel confident in my expert cred. I own every one of her albums (including domestic and international editions of multiple albums), every CD single from her first four albums and the deluxe collectors edition of The Singles Collection. I've seen her in concert nearly two dozen times, including five times last year alone. I have 319 Britney Spears tracks in my iTunes Library, four of my top six most-played songs are by Britney and just last year I ranked every Britney Spears song ever.

So, with all that said, here are the six Britney Spears songs I think would work best for the all-Britney Spears episode of "Glee".

"Baby One More Time"
Britney's first single is a must. This isn't negotiable. I actually think this one could be given to one of the guys on the show without losing too much (the song's been covered by some alt-rock bands and hasn't sounded half bad). Puck (Mark Salling) could probably put a nice spin on it.

And, if Puck were to sing "Baby One More Time" to Quinn, she could easily come back with this more recent Britney hit. I envision the rest of the female cast joining in, re-enacting the office scene from the video.

"Me Against the Music"
Unless you want to dip into some of her lesser known stuff from her first album, Britney's only true duet is this track with Madonna. While "Glee" may not want to get back into the Madonna game so soon after last year's "The Power of Madonna", I'd love to see Mercedes and Artie go at it on this one.

"Boys (The Co-Ed Remix)"
I can easily see Will and Emma doing this track together. It's not particularly vocally challenging, so Jayma Mays should be able to handle it, and Matthew Morrison has done rap (for the Pharrell verse) plenty of times on the show. If you want to get really crazy, this could also work as a back and forth with Kurt and Finn, which might even be more awesome.

If there's any Britney Spears song that Rachel should be singing, it's this one. "Everytime" is Britney's strongest song vocally, and Lea Michele is the show's strongest female singer, so it's a match made in heaven. Plus I'm sure the writers could make this song work with the plot.

I saved this one for last, because reportedly, the Britney Spears episode is also the episode in which Brittany will get her first solo. I thought long and hard about which song would make the most sense for her, and I kept coming back to this one. It's partially because this is my most-played Britney song, but also because I can definitely see Heather Morris rocking some of the outfits and moves from the video. The thought of that just makes me giddy.