Futurama "A Clockwork Origin" Reaction

Maybe it was just because I've been so tired from work this week, but watching last night's "Futurama" episode, I just didn't feel into it. I tried re-watching it today, but on the whole, "A Clockwork Origin" just fell flat for me.

When I try to think of why I didn't like this episode, I think back something Hermes said in "The Duh-Vinci Code":
Farnsworth: We must fly to Rome and exhume the body of Saint James!
Hermes: Didn't we used to be a delivery company?!
While I sometimes like the grand scale of "Futurama", when EVERY episode takes place in a wider universe, it just gets tedious. Also, maybe I just wasn't in the mood for a "Creation vs Evolution vs Intelligent Design" story, especially when the outcome was painfully obvious to me (and probably to most viewers) while somehow Professor Farnsworth remained oblivious.

That wasn't to say last night's episode wasn't without its moments. I mean, hell, it had robot dinosaurs, which really appealed to the seven-year-old in me -- and I'm not being snarky when I say that. While animated shows like "Futurama" are definitely made for adults, there's no reason they can't include something for the kid in us, and I don't know any American boy who hasn't dreamed of robot dinosaurs at some point. In fact, I kind of wish they'd done a whole episode about robot dinosaurs. The Bronto/T-Rex/Tricycletops fight wasn't nearly long enough.

Some other quick thoughts: while the main plot didn't do anything for me, the Zoidberg/Cubert subplot (Farnsworth leaves Cubert behind and puts him in Zoidberg's care) was just right ... I can only hope Dr. Banjo becomes a recurring character, since he provided some of the best laughs last night ... I know it's juvenile of me, but I laughed every time they referenced "Homo Farnsworth" ... Bender's "evolutionary" spring robot was so stupid it was hilarious.

Lastly, the "Jurassic Bark" shoutout -- when Hermes found "another" of Fry's fossilized dogs -- was phenomenal. Hell, ya know what? Even an episode that for the most part I didn't like still has some pretty good parts. Which is more than I can say for "Family Guy".

OK, on to this week's top five lines:

Prof. Farnsworth: As a professor of science, I assure you that we did in fact evolve from filthy monkey men.
Dr. Banjo: I cannot speak for you, sir, but my ancestors were not monkeys. They were orangutans. Hard-working, patriotic orangutans.

Dr. Banjo: Pshaw! Things don't exist simply because you believe in them. THUS SAYETH THE ALMIGHTY CREATURE IN THE SKY!

Zoidberg: Cubert, I felt we needed some father/son bonding time, so I found a couple of baseball gloves and boiled them up for lunch.
Cubert: Why don't you just go to hell?
Zoidberg: Wait, we still have to discuss the facts of life! What are they?!

Prosecuting Attorney: [re: Bender] Objection! In the absence of pants, defense's suspenders serve no purpose.
Judge: I'm going to allow them. For now.

Prof. Farnsworth: I'm not crazy. I created you all. And I came here in a homemade spaceship and lived in a cave. If you don't believe me, ask my uncle.
[Points at Fry, who smiles crazily and gives a thumbs up]