Desktop Girl of the Week: Joanna Garcia

Well, considering I just posted my review of "Better With You" earlier today, it seemed like the right time to honor Joanna Garcia as a DGOW selection. Save for her taste in men, I think everything about Garcia is amazing.

Garcia, who turns 31 in exactly a week, has been acting since 1992. She had brief runs on "Party of Five" and "Freaks and Geeks" but really hit the big time as Reba McEntire's daughter Cheyenne on "Reba" (which I'm not afraid to admit I watched on occasion, almost entirely because of Garcia).

I really started crushing on Garcia back in 2008, when she starred in the short-lived CW series "Privileged". The show was my favorite guilty pleasure of that TV season, and I was pissed when it was cancelled. Fortunately, Garcia landed an all-too-short run on "Gossip Girl", brightening my TV screen for four episodes last fall. She also had a one-episode guest run on "How I Met Your Mother", where she played the perfect woman -- the role she was born to play. Coincidentally, her fiance showed up in an episode later that season, in a role he was born to play (OK, it was as himself, but still...).

Garcia got engaged a couple months ago, but that won't stop me from appreciating her when she returns to TV this fall on the aforementioned "Better With You". I just think she's adorable, and the more her perfect smile is in my life, the better.

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