Brief Thoughts on This Week's "Mad Men" and "True Blood"

Even when I don't particularly enjoy an episode of "Mad Men" or "True Blood", it seems like my favorite redheads are always there to save the day.

Let's start with "True Blood", since that was the episode I actually enjoyed less. Rather than dwell on all the things I didn't like, I want to say just how much I love Jessica (played by Deborah Ann Woll). Her little wave to the werewolf before their fight (pictured above) was such an adorable moment. I really enjoyed her entire training scene with Bill, which was probably the first time I'd enjoyed anything involving Bill this entire season. She even got a nice twist at the end of the episode, when it looked like they were setting it up so that Hoyt, driving around, would end up saving her from the werewolf, but nope, our baby Jessica was handling herself just fine, thank you very much.

As for the rest of the episode, I'm getting a little tired of all the mixed allegiances, though Eric's little hidden revenge tour is actually somewhat engaging. The Crystal storyline is already boring me, but Jason manages to amuse me at least once or twice a week (he's just the right amount of naive and stupid).  My favorite non-Jessica part of the episode had to be the random appearance of Rene during Arlene's dream. I miss that crazy fake Cajun.

As for my other favorite redhead on TV, Christina Hendricks (actually a natural blonde, but we'll let that slide) was killing it on "Mad Men" again, while dealing with a very delicate subject. At the start of the episode, Joan was visiting her OB/GYN and made reference to having two "procedures" that could affect her fertility -- and she wants to make sure she's fine, since she and her husband want to have children at some point in the future. While the word "abortion" was never uttered, it's clear that's what they were talking about. I'd assume one of the "procedures", the one done by the doctor, was after her then-fiance now-husband raped her. But who was the father in the case of the other procedure? "Mad Men" has a tendency to introduce things then leave them for resolution later (take Anna Draper for example, who showed up this week for the first time since Season 2), so I don't expect this to be resolved soon, if ever, but it's a nice little mystery to keep in our back pockets.

The rest of the Joan stuff in the episode was pretty cool. I loved the interactions with Lane, and when she fired Sandy, that was just awesome. The scene with her husband stitching up her cut finger was actually kind of sweet, almost enough to make you forget what an ass this guy's been in the past (almost... but not quite). Even at the end of the episode, an episode that was very Don-heavy, Joan was the one sitting at the head of the conference table (oh, and it's nice to see that SCDP has a table now, ditching the "chairs in a circle" thing that Bertram Cooper hated so much).