"Blah, Blah, Vampire Emergency, Blah" - True Blood At Its Best

As frustrating as "True Blood" can be sometimes, every week it has a moment that reminds me why I watch the show. Last week, it was the entire ending, with Russell eviscerating a newscaster on live TV (then flippantly tossing to the weather at the end). This week, it was Pam (who has been restored as my second favorite character behind Jessica, even if she still doesn't get enough screen time), who interrupted Sookie and Eric with the greatest line in "True Blood" history.
"Blah, blah, vampire emergency, blah."
Holy fuck that was just awesome in its flippancy. From now on, that's how I'm greeting people. Oh, Pam, why aren't you in our lives more?

My second favorite part of the episode went, in a way, to my favorite character (that'd be Jessica for my readers with an attention span of less than four lines of text). Jessica and Hoyt had another one of their emotional conversations and as Hoyt was leaving Merlotte's, Tommy said something to him. So Hoyt, being the goody-two-shoes choir boy that he is... punched Tommy in the face! Yes! Way to man up, Hoyt.

Tommy didn't react to this well, turning into DoggieTommy and biting the shit out of Hoyt's arm. This caused Jessica to speed onto the scene and FUCKING PUNT TOMMY INTO THE WOODS. Now, I'm no advocate of violence against animals -- it's deplorable -- but that was fucking awesome. Plus, it finally got Jessica to admit she loves Hoyt, which was sweet (even if it was happening as she fed Hoyt her blood while trying to resist Hoyt's bleeding arm).

There was all sorts of other stuff going on in last night's episode, but for me, those two moments were by far the best developments. Now there's only two episodes left in this season, and so many loose ends to tie up that you know these next couple hours are going to be crazy. So, until next week, "blah, blah, vampire emergency, blah."


  1. i have been obsessed with that quote from the show... i googled it and a ton of hits came up... guess i am not the only one... go Pam


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