Baltimore Comic-Con: Day Zero

This weekend marks a milestone in my Nerd life. For the first time ever, I'm attending the same comic book convention in consecutive years. After last year's fun at Baltimore Comic-Con, I'm back for another adventure. And, for the second consecutive year, thanks to horrible horrible traffic on I-95 in Maryland, I had to take Route 40 all the way from Aberdeen into Baltimore. Somehow, this traffic was never a problem during my repeated trips to Towson football games last year, only to Comic-Con. And while it's easy to attribute the traffic difference to the different times of day, I'd like to imagine that there's some big Northeast exodus to Baltimore Comic-Con.

What you see above is my pile of books to get signed this weekend. Last year, I brought more than 160 books with me and got all but two of them signed. This year, despite what you may think about the image above, my stash is considerably less. I may, in fact, be able to get all the signing done on Saturday, which would be nice because that way I wouldn't have to carry around a heavy backpack on Sunday.

Tonight is just a chill night, and I'll probably end up icing my right knee and ankle, which both tend to swell up after long drives (fuck, I'm getting old). The hotel I'm staying in -- not the same one as last year -- is very nice, and I actually ran into a bunch of creators who are guests at the show when I was arriving. Also, the Baltimore Ravens are staying here, and apparently one of my least favorite coaches of all time has a Mac:


Oh, and just like last year, I turned off "shuffle" on my iPhone and went with albums for the whole trip. Today's playlist:

- Commentary! The Musical
- Eminem - Recovery
- Katy Perry - Teenage Dream
- Kelly Clarkson - All I Ever Wanted (the only repeat from last year's trip)
- Britney Spears - Circus
- Glee: Volume 1

The Glee soundtracks will probably figure heavily into Sunday's drive home, since singing along helps me stay awake. OK, time to go get some dinner. I'll try to post a convention update tomorrow night (though I make no promises) and I may live-stream some of the proceedings tomorrow.


  1. Getting old is only in our mind.
    Age never prevented people from doing things:


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