U-Verse on Verge of Losing AMC

While AT&T continues to provide the wireless service that barely serves as an upgrade over two tin cans and a string, it's TV service, U-Verse, has actually been pretty good. For the most part, I've been happy with the channel options, and the DVR is easily the best one I've ever used (though, to be fair, I've never actually used TiVo, just cable operator and computer-based).

However, U-Verse is on the verge of pissing me off royally, by potentially losing its rights to carry AMC, along with a handful of other channels. I found out about this a couple days ago, when I turned on my TV and a message popped up that barring a contract extension, AMC would be gone from U-Verse after July 14.

Now, for approximately 350 days of the year, not having AMC is not a problem for me. But AMC airs "Mad Men", one of my top five favorite shows currently on TV, and the new season of Mad Men starts on July 25 -- exactly two weeks from today and 10 days after U-Verse might drop the channel. What I love is that in the little pop-up message on my U-Verse box, AT&T said something like, "we're working to get the best deal for you" or something like that. That's a bunch of BS. It's not like if AT&T loses AMC (along with the other Rainbow Media networks) they're going to drop the price of the service. And even if they get the "best deal" for us, they're probably going to use the contract negotiations as an excuse to raise the price, as they've done multiple times in the two years I've had the service. The price increases have sometimes come in the form of direct increases, but more often they've come via moving channels or placing new channels on premium tiers, which is something that could definitely happen after these negotiations.

There is the possibility for something good to come out of this. Currently U-Vere doesn't offer AMC in high definition, which means I have to watch "Mad Men" in SD. Only 480 scan lines to see the lovely Joan Holloway? How unbecoming!

So, AT&T, get your shit together. You've got two weeks. If you keep AMC, I'll be satisfied. If you manage to get AMC HD, well, then, I might consider not immediately dumping my wireless service the day my contract is up.