True Blood "9 Crimes" Reaction

"True Blood" is one of the weirder shows on television, and as a viewer, you have to accept that weirdness. But when the last episode ended with Bill having sex with Lorena (his maker) while Lorena's head was twisted backwards, that kind of exceeded the weirdness quotient I'm willing to accept.

However, after a week off, "True Blood" returned to the airwaves with an episode that seemed much more grounded, at least in the reality of the universe in which the show exists.

For once, I thought the highlight of the episode was Sookie. Her reaction to Bill's break up was surprisingly real, first in its disbelief then in its heartbreak. I loved when Bill first said he was breaking up with her and her response was to say "shut the fuck up", then when she realized he was serious (or at least, purporting to be serious to keep up his cover), she totally lost it, crying just like I would expect someone to if they'd just been unceremoniously dumped by the love of her life.

Then she went undercover with Alcide (the werewolf) to help him get his fiancée back and learn more about the werewolves that took Bill, and she looked incredibly hot while doing so. In fact, I insist that Sookie dress like this and do her makeup this way for the rest of the series. MMM...

Back in Bon Temps, Sam's family was still being white trash-ish, but at least now that story is advancing, with Sam bonding with his brother over their shit-tasitcness. I've been bored by this story all year, but it was significantly less pointless than it had been in prior episodes.

In the middle of all of Sam's bullshit, he found the time to hire Jessica as a hostess at Merlotte's (she can't be a waitress, because she's not 18 -- and as she pointed out, she'll never be 18). That led to Jessica running into someone from her pre-vampire life, then having to glamour him so he wouldn't tell her family that she was still "alive". Of course, Jessica managed to be seen by someone while doing this, so this is going to have consequences, much as her murder of the trucker already has. Despite her continued insistence on making mistakes, I love her, and putting her at Merlotte's in the middle of the madness, means I get more Jessica in my life.

Meanwhile, Tara is still pointless, so the less said about her the better. There was a nice moment where she was tied up with duct tape over her mouth, so that was fun. Seriously, though, I'm not sure what Tara's purpose is this year, aside from selling out what she knows while under a glamour, so I'm fine with episodes that are light on Tara story (like this one). Now, her cousin on the other hand, we need to see more of (no homo). Lafayette had another great scene, trying to sell V to a gang of homophobic rednecks and getting bailed out of a sticky situation by Eric. The banter between the two of them was just classic.

That scene led right into Eric flying off to Fangtasia, where the Magister was conducting a raid to find out who was selling the V blood in Louisiana. When presented with the option of admitting to his crimes or selling out the queen, Eric chose option C: frame Bill. This should set up things nicely, especially now that Bill seems to have embraced the dark side (by picking out a stripper for his captors to feed on, then happily joining them in the feed).

Still, with all that going on, my absolute favorite scene in the entire episode was Eric's dream sequence about Sookie. We've seen humans have sexual dreams about vampires on which they've fed, but never the other way around, so this was a nice turn of events. Also, it was just an incredibly cool scene. Enjoy.