Sideshow's Throne of the Slayer Arrives

Back when Sideshow Collectibles announced their new Buffy line, with the Throne of the Slayer as the first item, I was excited, but concerned. The first images of the Throne of the Slayer -- featuring Buffy Summers on a throne (obviously) -- weren't particularly promising. I even expressed my reservations early on.

But when I received this item, I was pleasantly surprised. I still don't get the theme of the piece, since it doesn't match anything we've seen in any canonical piece. But the likeness is much better in person than it look liked in the pictures online. It really looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar, though not necessarily when she was playing Buffy.

It may come as a surprise to most collectors, but the throne doesn't attach to the base in any way. I can't think of a single other Sideshow maquette or comiquette I have that's like this, but I also don't have any others where a character is sitting on a chair that's itself is sitting on a base. Buffy herself attaches to the throne via what can only be tactlessly described as a butt plug, though it's non-magnetic (some of the other Sideshow pieces I've received recently have taken to using magnetic connectors). The stake is attached to the hand and non-removable.

There's something about the paint job in the eyes that just seems off. If you look at the piece at just the right angle, it seems perfect, but there are other angles where it looks like her eyes are looking off in two different directions. Eye paint was a problem on the Sideshow Buffy Premium Format line too, so it's a little disappointing to have this same problem pop up (though this time it appears more to be a product of the chosen eye angle than sloppy work).

Despite my early misgivings about this product, it appears Sideshow has delivered something every Buffy fan would be happy to have in his or her collection. I got the regular version (limited to 750 pieces) rather than the exclusive version (limited to 400 pieces). I vaguely remember that when I went to order, the exclusive version was sold out, but it's in stock now at Sideshow. It's $10 more and comes with a scale replica of the Slayers' Scythe, though the accessory itself has to be displayed leaning up against the Throne, since it can't be placed in Buffy's hands. Given the free-standing nature of the exclusive accessory, I'm not broken up about "only" having the non-exclusive version.

Also, despite this line having been announced back in January, along with a video that showed preliminary sketches of Faith and Willow, there hasn't been another product announced yet. Hopefully that will change this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, but considering neither the exclusive nor the regular edition have sold out, I can't imagine Sideshow's getting good vibes about the long-term viability of this line. Which is too bad, since this first product turned out so good.

Check out my pictures of the Throne of the Slayer below: