Revenge of the Ramblings!

Thanks to Twitter, it's been a long time since I've done a "ramblings" post. For those that don't remember, the ramblings were posts where I would share quick opinions on various things. The last one was posted in February, and the last one before that was in January of 2009. So, while I wait to attack my review of "Amazing Spider-Man #638" (aka "One Moment in Time"), here are some thinks that have been kicking around my head.

• I finished re-watching all of "Alias", and despite my initial thoughts, I did end up watching all five seasons. While Seasons 3, 4 and 5 all had the same problems I remember them having, the series finale was better than I'd initially remembered it. There was a pretty significant body count among series regulars, which is a pretty daring move to take, especially when you've had them survive for five years.

• Speaking of "Alias", I decided to watch the special features and one of them was on Rambaldi. They showed the prop room where the production company kept all the Rambaldi "artifacts", and it all just looked so cool. While there were so many impressive looking props throughout the series' run, I think the thing I'd want the most would be Page 47 (pictured above). I tried searching for prop replicas or poster versions, but I couldn't find anything. If anyone knows if they're out there, please let me know.

• As mentioned above, I hit up my local comic shop this week, for what turned out to be a busier week than first expected. And despite my earlier reservations, I did pick up issue #1 of "Charmed". I figured it was only fair to give the series a shot before writing it off, especially since it had been one of my favorite TV series (one that coincidentally ended the same year as "Alias"). I'll have a review of it at some point this week.

• I also picked up the "True Blood" comic, which had a really impressive alternate cover by J. Scott Campbell. I know I didn't post a review of this week's episode, but I really liked it -- even the Tara stuff. There wasn't enough Jessica in it for my tastes, but the cast has grown so large than even in a 56-minute episode, some characters are bound to get the short shrift from week-to-week. Also, is it too much to ask for Jason Stackhouse to get his own sitcom spinoff where he serves as an incompetent womanizing cop? I know I'd watch that every week.

• Speaking of things I'd watch every week... only 4 more days to new "Mad Men"! Are you as excited as I am?