Lilith Fair Boston - Pictures and Videos

Last night I went to Lilith Fair Boston (really in Mansfield, MA, which is closer to Providence than it is to Boston) and while I'm still disappointed about Kelly Clarkson's cancellation, seeing Sarah McLachlan live made the night worth it (though again, it's worth pointing out that if I'd known Kelly wasn't going to be performing in Boston when I bought my ticket, I'd have saved a tank of gas by going to this Sunday's Hartford show instead). Sarah was at the top of my list of people I wanted to see perform live, and her voice really is amazing.

OK, enough writing. I wanted to post these pictures and videos when I got home, but it was 1 a.m. and YouTube was being really slow, so I had to wait until I woke up. Enjoy!

Videos after the jump...

Sarah McLachlan - Angel

Sarah McLachlan - I Will Remember You

Sarah McLachlan - Sweet Surrender

Lilith Fair Performers - Because the Night (Grand Finale)