The Guild Season 4 Premiere Reaction

I've never watched "The Guild" in episodic format before. I didn't really get into the phenomenon until a few months ago, and by that point I could watch each of the first three seasons straight through. I'd assume watching it in five-minute clips on a weekly basis makes for a much different experience.

So, with that in mind, I watched the first episode of Season 4 of "The Guild", which premiered on Microsoft platforms (Bing, Zune Marketplace, Xbox Live) this morning. The episode itself picks up shortly after the end of Season 3, when Codex (Felicia Day) woke up in bed with Fawkes (Wil Wheaton). Fawkes doesn't appear in the episode, which is taking place at least later that day, if not a day later, but the episode centers around Codex's dilemma on whether or not to tell the rest of the guild and their reactions when she spits it out. Then, SHOCKING TWIST, at the end of the episode, Codex's computer catches on fire. What will she do? Will she get her computer fixed in time to help the guild get enough gold for a guild hall? Will the guild reject her because she slept with the enemy (literally)? Will she end up heartbroken because Fawkes was just looking for a quick fuck, not a relationship? Will I stop asking questions?

Well, I can answer that last one: yes. But seriously, for something that's only about five minutes long, "Epic Guilt" does a great job of setting up the core conflicts of Season 4 while also reminding us why we love these characters. Codex is the most grounded of them, but she's clearly neurotic and is STILL using the game to escape from her real-life problems, to the point that she doesn't notice that the line between her real-life problems and the game hasn't just blurred, it's completely gone.

Also, "Epic Guilt" is just flat-out funny. My personal favorite has to be the squid hat on Clara's head (just a stupid visual gag that completely works), but Bladezz asking for clarification between "boff" and "bang", "with details" was pretty good too.

Watch "Epic Guilt", the Season 4 Premiere of "The Guild"