Futurama "Proposition Infinity" Reaction

Oh, "Futurama". Thank you for giving me a 30-minute break from my LeBron malaise. And thank you even more for, you know, actually being good this week.

Once again, the show set 1,000 years in the future seemed intent on doing an episode ripped out of today's headlines, but this week's episode was so funny and full of the "Futurama" style one-liners we've come to love that it was much more tolerable than the "eyePhone" shenanigans of last week. The only time I cringed at the now-ness of it was when Bender actually held up the "Proposition Infinity" paperwork. At that moment it hit me that "infinity" was the sideways 8 (don't know why I didn't make that connection earlier).

One of the strengths of this week's episode was its Bender-centricity. I'd argue that episodes that revolve around Bender are second only to Zapp Branigan episodes on a comedy level (though occasionally Zoidberg can crack that top two). The whole thing with the "mysterious" tile art, and how it landed Bender in jail, was great. And when Bender takes up a cause, he really takes it to a level that's beyond normality, to the point of cracking me up. This week's cause was "robosexuality", with Amy breaking up with Kif then falling in love with Bender, only to find out that human-robot marriage is illegal. This episode could have been really preachy, but instead it was just absurd and full of laughs -- even when Preacherbot was involved.

It also really helped that this episode's "moments of randomness" were so much better than the two-headed goat from last week. Hermes's "circusitis" that turned him into a clown was good for a laugh. I really liked the everything about the tornado planet, from Professor Farnsworth using the cattle prod to get the crew out of the ship to the completely FUBAR plan that somehow worked out. Oh, and speaking of Professor Farnsworth, his objections to robosexuality and the rants that came from it was just the right touch of "crazy old guy".

I've seen some people complaining about the ending, and how everything wraps up too quickly. However, I think that fits perfectly with Bender. He was all about Amy up until the second she said the word "monogamous". Bender doesn't "do" monogamous. They could have done without Kif and Amy re-uniting at the end and saved that for a future episode, but the Bender/Amy breakup was perfect.

Also, since it was such a hit last week, here again are my five favorite lines from this week's episode. It was really hard to narrow it down this week, because there were so many good lines.

[Bender needs $5,000 for bail money]
Amy: I don't have that kind of money laying around.
Bender: Yeah you do. You know that floor safe where you keep 10 grand? There's 5 grand in there.

[URL, the robot cop, uses the Vulcan nerve pinch to subdue a criminal]
URL: Momma said Spock you out.
(this is exactly the right level of stupid humor for "Futurama")

Hermes: When the lights go out, it's nobody's business what goes on between two consenting adults.
Zoidberg: Or one!

[Winebot pours wine into Amy's glass]
Amy: Thank you.
Leo Wong: Stop seducing him, you hussy!
Amy: Dad, gleesh! I'm attracted to Bender! Not this emotionless wine bucket!
Winebot [with single tear rolling down face]: Hopes... deleted.

[Upon finding out that robosexual marriage is legal in "Space Massachusetts" but not New New York]
Bender: We're going to fight to legalize it right here.
Hermes: Ya mon! Ya got to legalize it!
Amy: We're talking about robosexual marriage.
Hermes: We're talkin' about lots of stuff.
(line of the episode, by far)