Futurama "Attack of the Killer App!" Reaction

I was going to post a long detailed analysis of everything I didn't like about last night's "Futurama" episode, but it appears that io9.com has beaten me to it.

To put it simply, the episode -- which centered around the crew buying "eyePhones" and posting the mundane details of their lives on "Twitcher" -- was WAY too rooted in current events and commentary about them to feel like a "Futurama" episode.

The episode wasn't completely irredeemable, mostly because of some solid one liners, but it's not one that I'm going to be re-watching anytime soon. The most frustrating thing about it was that it felt like the START of a good "Futurama" episode, but settled for being a mediocre "Simpsons" episode instead. The zombie thing could have been amazing, but instead was basically forgotten about then used for a cheap one-liner at the end of the episode. If they'd completely ditched the "Susan Boil" subplot (easily one of the lowest moments in "Futurama" history") and replaced it with the Planet Express crew fighting Mom's zombie army, that might have been hilarious -- and just the right level of absurdity for "Futurama". Instead we got 21 minutes of warmed-over jokes about current technology in an episode that will likely become completely irrelevant within 18 months (and will hopefully be completely forgotten by then).

Also, while "Futurama" has never been a font of racial sensitivity, did the "third world" planet really have to be inhabited by an alien race that sounded exactly like bad Apu knockoffs who used child labor? It smacked of the casual racism of the "Star Wars" prequels.

As I said earlier, the episode DID have some decent one liners, and to not make this a completely negative post, here are my favorites:

Professor Farnsworth: "Who are you talking to?"
Bender: "No one. Your momma. Shut up. Take your pick."

Reporter: Mr. Mayor, isn't this e-waste dangerous?
Mayor: Not at all, Scoop. Not after it's hauled off to the third world by an expendable team of minimum wage nobodies.
Professor Farnsworth (whispering): Good news, nobodies!

Bender: Is there an app for kissing my shiny metal ass?
Geek: Several
Bender: Ooooh!

[eyePhone rings]
Fry: What's happening to me? Is it puberty?
Bender: It's a phone call, dingus.
Fry: These eyePhones are phones too?
(this one is really more sad than funny, only because it seems that the current generation of iPhones wasn't really developed with the whole "making phone calls" thing in mind)