Does Anyone Want a Free Ticket to Lilith Fair Boston?

The headline speaks for itself, but I'll expand on it a little bit. Earlier this year, I bought my ticket for Lilith Fair in Boston (which is happening Friday, July 30), because I wanted to see Sarah McLachlan live and Kelly Clarkson was scheduled to perform in Boston (but not Harford). When I went to buy my ticket, Ticketmaster was offering a buy one, get one free deal, so I got an extra ticket (at no extra cost).

Now, Kelly Clarkson has since pulled out of the tour, but Sarah McLachlan is still playing (obviously, since she's the tour organizer), so I'm still going... and I've still got that extra ticket.

You want it? It's yours. It's in section 6, row R, so center stage under cover (and if you don't think that cover part is important, you haven't been paying attention to the weather lately in New England).

Currently, I'm only planning for going up for the main stage portion of the event, since I've literally never heard of a single act in the lineup aside from Sarah McLachlan. Again, to be fair, I'm not exactly in the Lilith Fair target demo... then again, I'm not exactly in the Kelly Clarkson target demo either... I'm just weird. So again, if you want to join me this Friday, just let me know.


  1. Hey I was about to buy $10 lawn seats but your blog came up when I was trying to find the times for the rest of the lineup. If you've still got one, I'd be interested. I work downtown tonight but am in the Cambridge area if you want me to pick it up beforehand, email me at klyman3 at


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