Catching Up With "The Boondocks" and "Sons of Tucson"

So I took a break from my "Alias"-athon last night to watch some new TV. But rather than watching "True Blood" -- which I saved for tonight when there's exactly nothing on -- I caught new episodes of "The Boondocks" and the canceled-but-running-off "Sons of Tucson".

First, "The Boondocks", with the episode "Lovely Ebony Brown". I've always found that Robert-focused episodes can be hit or miss, but when they're dealing with his dating life. This episode was the antithesis to Season 2's "Attack of the Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch", but it was just as funny. I thought despite their minor role, Huey and Riley really carried the episode with their reactions to Robert's dating, and their surprise/mistrust when they finally meet Ebony Brown. The only part of the episode that fell flat was the ending. The whole "it's only been 16 hours" thing was SO telegraphed, and I thought "The Boondocks" was above the easy joke.

Still, no matter how good this episode was, it wasn't going to top "The Fundraiser" as the best episode of the season. The episode, which aired a month ago, centered around Riley starting up his own fundraising company to compete with the school's except the only cause he was raising funds for was himself ("Cause?! I'm the cause! 'CAUSE I wanna house. 'CAUSE I wanna yacht. 'CAUSE I wanna get this guap."). Of course, it all goes horribly wrong, but Riley is defiant to the last, leading to the greatest rant in the history of the show. I can't do it justice here, even though I referenced it in my earlier Jersey Monday post. It must be seen.

As for "Sons of Tucson", well, it's not like it MUSN'T be seen, but it's not really must-see-TV either. Last night's episode, "Kisses and Beads", followed pretty much the same formula all of them have so far. Ron has some kind of scheme to get money that once again involves the kids in an inappropriate way, Gary is controlling and offputting and doesn't realize how everyone around him sees him, Brandon is oblivious to the world and somehow that works out for him and Robby is weird. Sure, there are some funny moments in the show, but it's entirely disposable. Once you've laughed at a joke, you don't remember it, even five seconds later. Whereas with "The Boondocks", I can recite the funniest moments from memory, even dating back to the first season. The are worse shows than "Sons of Tucson" that have lasted multiple seasons, but that's not a good enough reason to keep this show around. Now, "Better Off Ted", that's a different story.