in Review: June's Best

In case you don't remember from last month, here's the drill: is one of the vanity domains for this site. At the start of each month, I use it to spotlight the 5 most "awesome" posts of the previous month (aka the 5 posts that drew the most traffic).

Before we get to the Top 5, we've got more history to cover. You may remember that in May, we set a site record for most posts in a month. Well, after June, that record still stands, but during June we surpassed the record for most posts in a year -- a record that was just established last year. The final post of June marked the 280th post of the year, 9 more than we had in all of 2009. Now, on to June's top 5:

5. "The A-Team" Movie Review
A lot of people read my positive review of the movie, but apparently that wasn't enough to help it at the box office, since it's been something of a failure (though it did make back its production budget, which is more than I can say for "Jonah Hex".

4. Jersey Monday: Deion Sanders (Cowboys)
This is actually the second of the Deion Sanders Cowboys jerseys, and was popular enough that a commenter offered to purchase it.

3. Countdown to Slay-A-Thon
This post didn't really have much content, aside from the links to the day-by-day posts as I counted down the days to Slay-A-Thon, but those daily updates were enough to keep people coming back to this post.

2. Desktop Girl of the Week: Emma Caulfield
This is just the second time since I moved over to Blogspot that a DGOW post has been among the top five most trafficked posts of the month. I'm not sure what made Emma Caulfield more popular than, say, Amanda Bynes, Amy Acker or Katy Perry (the other DGOW selections in June), but she was.

1. "True Blood" Season 3 Premiere Rapid Reaction
I didn't blog much about "True Blood" during the first two seasons, and I haven't posted any reactions to the subsequent two episodes this season (actually, I just caught up on them yesterday... quick thoughts: the Jessica/Pam stuff has been good, the Sam's family stuff has been annoying and I wish Jason would ACTUALLY put a bullet through Tara's head... oh, and Sookie's Bill imitation was the funniest thing in the entire history of the series). But this post, reviewing the season premiere, was the most trafficked new post this past June, edging Emma Caulfield by about 10 percent.

Review: Buffy #34 - "Twilight, Pt. 3"
You'll notice in the paragraph above, I used the qualifier "new" when referring to the traffic level. That's because for the third consecutive month, the post that drew the most traffic was my review of Buffy #34 (and for the second consecutive month, my review of Buffy #35 came in second). About 90% of the traffic to this entry comes from Google searches, but the bounce rate on it (the rate of people leaving my site from this page) is surprisingly low.