2010 Lilith Fair Falling Apart

OK, I know this isn't a topic I'd usually blog about, but earlier this summer, I bought tickets for "Lilith Fair" because Kelly Clarkson was scheduled to perform. In fact, I bought tickets for the Boston show (really in Mansfield, which is 35 miles outside of Boston) rather than the Hartford show specifically because of Kelly.

Now, when I bought my ticket, they were offering a "buy one, get one free" deal, which should have been my first sign that sales weren't too hot, but in case I hadn't gotten the hint, that was confirmed yesterday when Lilith Fair announced the cancellation of 10 tour stops.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that neither Boston nor Hartford were on that list, but that good feeling was short-lived, because the same day, Kelly Clarkson announced SHE was canceling her appearances at Lilith Fair. Interestingly, none of the venues at which Kelly was scheduled to appear were among the canceled venues. That's probably because THOSE venues had higher ticket sales because of Kelly's appearance, and now those people -- myself included -- are stuck with tickets to see a lineup consisting mostly of people we have no interest in seeing.

As of now, I'm going to hold on to my tickets, mostly because I do still want to see Sarah McLachlan (she's very high on my list of artists who I have yet to see perform live) but I have to say I'm disappointed. While I appreciate the sentiment behind exposing lesser-known artists, it seems like McLachlan would have been better served by going on a solo tour with less expensive ticket prices. As it stands, she risks having the whole tour fall apart because of low ticket sales, and I don't blame fans, given the prices. A full-priced Lilith ticket currently ranges between $50 and $110, plus up to $20 in service charges -- I didn't mind paying, because I got a "free" ticket that I could sell to recoup my costs or give away to have a concert companion.

Oh, that actually brings me to my final point. If you wanna join me for the concert -- July 30 in Mansfield, MA -- let me know. I might sell the ticket, but if someone makes a compelling case as to why I should give it to him/her, then I might do that too. Or, ya know, I could end up going by myself and being the only straight single guy at Lilith Fair.