Welcome to the Family, Wanda Maximoff

Once again, I find myself welcoming another member into my Sideshow living room family. This time it's Wanda Maximoff, aka The Scarlet Witch. This latest Mark Brooks Sideshow Comiquette actually arrived on Monday, but I didn't have a chance to take pictures until tonight.

I had mixed feelings about this statue when I ordered it, but it really looks much better in person, plus it adds a nice splash of color to my collection (which has lots of white and black right now). The sculpting on the outfit is very well done, and I really like how it shines.  I still agree with PooZ's assessment that there's just something "off" with the face, but overall the statue is well done. I love the miniature Vision she's controlling with the joystick.

Speaking of Vision, I don't know if it was just my statue or if it's a build thing with all of them, but his head is kind of wobbly, so you have to be careful with him. Also, because of his existence, the base of the statue is HUGE (it also has to accommodate Wanda's flowing cape, which is one of the nicer constructed capes I've seen on a Sideshow comiquette).

That huge base is what's preventing me from finding a permanent place for Wanda in my living room right now. Really, I think I'll move my Buffy Premium Format statues (two Buffys, Angel and Spike) into the hallway and put Scarlet Witch on the end table there, but I need to get something on which to place the Buffy statues first.

For those who are wondering, the other characters currently living in my living room are Rogue, Elektra, Dagger, Black Cat, Jean Grey (twice, both as Black Queen), Emma Frost (four times), Mystique (twice), Mary Jane Watson (four times) and Gwen Stacy. So yeah, it's one big happy Marvel family in here.

(Full photo gallery of Scarlet Witch Comiquette after the break)