Desktop Girl of the Week: Elizabeth Banks

If you look at the DGOW archives, you'll find TV actresses, movie actresses, singers and even athletes, but the one thing you won't find is a straight-up model. Why? I like my DGOW selections to have some other talent besides looking pretty, and I would say without fail that the hardest thing for one of these selections to do is look pretty and be funny at the same time.

This week's selection, Elizabeth Banks, has no problem with that. I could go through her entire IMDB résumé, pointing out the roles in which she's made me laugh, but what it really comes down to is her guest run during Season 4 of "30 Rock". As Avery Jessup, Jack Donaghy's CNBC reporter girlfriend, Banks stood out visually while also holding her own comedically next to Tina Fey, widely regarded as the funniest woman in television.
Of course, Banks has come a long way since appearing as "Trey's friend" in "Shaft", probably the first thing I saw her in, not that I knew it at the time. She played Betty Brant in the "Spider-Man" trilogy, though the role was so trimmed down from Betty's role in the comics that it was easy to miss her (especially since her trademark blonde locks were hidden under a black wig).

What impresses me the most about Banks, besides her hotness of course, is her versatility. In the same summer, she appeared in the comedy "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" while also playing Laura Bush in the George W. Bush biopic "W". The two roles could not have been more different, but Banks pulled both of them off.

For those who don't know Banks (which, btw, is not her real last name) is already married. BUT she's married to a former sportswriter, which should give all of us hope. We can also hope that she'll return to "30 Rock" next season, or even reprise her cameo role on "Modern Family", where she played the wild friend of Mitchell and Cam (in another scene-stealing appearance).

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