Desktop Girl of the Week: Amy Acker

With Slay-A-Thon just around the corner, I wanted to choose a Whedon-verse related actress for this week's DGOW, but so many of them have already been chosen. However, when I got to looking at the archives, I found that there were still a few good choices left on the board, not the least of which was the incredibly talented Amy Acker.

Acker's one of the many people who's pulled the Joss Whedon double-dip. She was a relative newcomer when she debuted as Winifred "Fred" Burkle in Season 2 of "Angel", but quickly grew into the role and became a major force of a standout cast. She had to deal with a major shift in the role in Season 5, when Fred died and was reborn as Illyria, and she handled it incredibly well. 

Fast forward eight years after her debut on "Angel", and Acker was once again cast in a supporting role on one of Joss's shows -- this time as Dr. Claire Saunders on "Dollhouse". Again, Acker found herself dealing with a shifting role when Saunders was revealed to be a former active with the codename Whiskey. 
In between, Acker appeared in a recurring role in Season 5 of Alias, where she got to show off some of her butt-kicking skills. She also guested in the Season 1 finale of "How I Met Your Mother", where she was reunited in cast (though not onscreen) with Alexis Denisof, who'd played Fred's love interest of Wesley on "Angel". 

Acker has another semi-Whedonverse connection, as she played the wife of Nathan Fillion's character on "Drive", a series created by "Firefly" producer Tim Minear. Sadly, "Drive" didn't even last as long as "Firefly" or "Dollhouse", nor did "Happy Town", Acker's latest series (at least this time it's ABC, not FOX, that deserves the blame). 

With the cancellation of "Happy Town", we don't know where we'll be able to see Acker next on television, though we do know she'll be coming to a theater near you next year in the feature film "The Cabin in the Woods"... co-written by Joss Whedon. Apparently Joss loves Amy, and who could blame him?

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