Desktop Girl of the Week: Amanda Bynes

10 days ago, actress Amanda Bynes announced her "retirement" on her Twitter account. Now, there are two ways to look at this. On the one hand, it's pretty impressive that Bynes has been so successful that she can afford to give up her career and her primary source of income. On the other hand, it's kind of sad that she is so disillusioned by acting (and if you read her tweets, that's clearly what led to her announcement) that she wants to give it up at the young age of 24.

But, either way, for now Bynes is retired, which means now's as good as time as any to spotlight her as the Desktop Girl of the Week.

For those unfamiliar with Bynes, she got her start on the Nickelodeon sketch show "All That" (the same show that launched the careers of Kenan Thompson, Nick Cannon and Jamie Lynn Spears) and eventually earned her own spinoff, "The Amanda Show". That led to the sitcom "What I Like About You", where Bynes co-starred with Jennie Garth. The show wasn't great, but was relatively successful for a WB sitcom.

During the run of "What I Like About You", Bynes starred in a number of formulaic teen romantic comedies, which have varying levels of re-watchability (and it's easy to see how constantly being offered roles like these could have left Bynes wanting to leave the industry). Her last major movie role was a co-starring role in the 2007 movie adaptation of "Hairspray", though she did a pair of TV movies.

If Bynes keeps to her retirement plans -- and at this point, that seems highly unlikely -- her last movie project will be "Easy A", which is described as a modern adaptation of "The Scarlet Letter", set in a high school (yes, the 24-year-old Bynes is still playing high schoolers). Bynes has a supporting role (and based on early buzz, it sounds eerily similar to Mandy Moore's role in "Saved"), but the trailer actually makes me really want to see the movie. Maybe it won't be her swan song after all.

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