in Review: May's Best

In case you don't remember from last month, here's the drill: is one of the vanity domains for this site. At the start of each month, I use it to spotlight the 5 most "awesome" posts of the previous month (aka the 5 posts that drew the most traffic). Normally I do this on the first day of the next month, but I was in New York all day yesterday for work, so I had to wait until June 2nd (that's also why there was no new DGOW yesterday, and that'll also come later today).

Before we get to the Top 5, let me just point out that there were more posts in May 2010 than in any other month in history (which dates to May 2002). The final count was 83, which was actually more than any entire YEAR prior to 2007. So, which posts were awesome in May?

5. Lost "The End" Rapid Reaction
My immediate thoughts following the "Lost" series finale were well-received, quickly moving into the top five despite being published with just a week left in May. And I still stand by my "A" grade for the episode.

4. Buffy Fundraising Auctions - Week 1
The first of my Slay-a-Thon auction posts got a pretty good amount of traffic, and it translated into some decent sales in that first week. The sales have definitely slowed down since that first week, but it still looks like we'll be able to hit the $500 mark.

3. Breaking Down "The End" of "Lost"
This was my response to some of the negative criticism I saw of Lost's finale, and it actually drew more traffic than my original reaction post (it helped that it was longer and more in depth). And for all the greatness in that final episode, my favorite moment is still the last goodbye between Hurley and Ben.

2. Fuck You StubHub
Based on the traffic logs, a lot of the hits on this entry actually came from StubHub offices. That, of course, led to this response, in which StubHub apologized for reminding me of the Cavs loss in the playoffs.

1. Review: Buffy #35 - "Twilight, Pt. 4"
For the second consecutive month, the top post of the month is a "Buffy Season 8" comic review, and for the second consecutive month, it wasn't close. This review of the final issue of the "Twilight" arc drew more than twice as much traffic as any other post in May. Still, it wasn't even the most viewed post on the site in May.

Review: Buffy #34 - "Twilight, Pt. 3"
April's top post was also May's top post, though at least this month it fell behind the main page in terms of total traffic. Considering the fact that Buffy #36 doesn't come out until September, it might be awhile before traffic numbers on this review really start to dip.

Stana Katic
This is something of an upset, since Scarlett Johansson was a DGOW selection this month AND had more time to rack up traffic, but Stana pulled in one more pageview than ScarJo, in two fewer weeks (yes, a single pageview... that's how close this was). Other DGOW selections in May were Rebecca Mader and Darby Stanchfield.
(and yes, I'm aware that spelling out "DGOW" results in that saying "Desktop Girl of the Week of the Month", but that's not the point).