7 Days to Slay-A-Thon; Please Donate!

At this time next week, I'll be well into the 12-hour Joss Whedon-fueled marathon of greatness that is Slay-a-Thon. I just sent in my donation (including the nearly $600 raised by selling off my extra Buffy merchandise) and I've got my plane ticket and hotel reservations all set.

Even though I've already raised a nice amount, I'd definitely love it if some of my readers/twitter followers/facebook friends/etc wanted to step to the plate and make a donation. Just click the PayPal button below. On the PayPal site, enter in your donation amount and then log-in. Before you finish the process, you'll see an "Add special instructions to merchant" link under the "Make A Wish Donation" description. Click on that and type in my name -- "Adam Reisinger" -- so the organizers know which attendee you're helping. Hell, if you wanna donate and don't want to put in my name, that's fine too, because you'd still be helping a good cause. But if you do support me, drop me an e-mail, so I can track you on my donations sheet.

I promise to give every person that donates in my name a personal thank you on my Twitter feed as well as on AdamReisinger.com. Also, you'll be helping a great cause and getting a tax write-off in the process. I know that money can be tight these days, but literally every dollar helps. 
For more step-by-step PayPal donation instructions, follow these directions from the Slay-A-Thon organizers. Also, be sure to check out my pictures from Slay-A-Thon '06. I promise to share as many pictures as I can from this year's event a month from now.