Talkin' 'Bout Practice!

I can't believe I almost missed this, but today is the 8th anniversary of one of the greatest news conferences of all time. After the 76ers were eliminated from the postseason, Allen Iverson skipped out on his "exit interview" with head coach Larry Brown. A day later, he held a news conference to clear the air and explain everything that was going on. The entire transcript is still online, but here's the part everyone remembers:

This is Iverson's legacy. It's his Mona Lisa, his 9th symphony, his Sistine Chapel. The guy scored more than 24,000 points in his career -- good for 17th in NBA history -- and his entire career can be summed up in one word. Practice.

Hell, it's such a good soundbite that it got sampled in a rap song. Check out what DJ Jazzy Jeff and J-Live did with it. Crazy good.