Sunday Shows That Didn't Suck

I spent so much time seething about the shitty "Family Guy" episode yesterday that I didn't get the opportunity to praise two animated shows I really enjoyed, "The Simpsons" and "The Boondocks".

For the most part, "The Simpsons" episode that aired Sunday was average, but the intro was inspired. Check it out.

And yes, I know that video is flipped horizontally, but all the "right" ones are blocked from being embedded. I'm not a big fan of "Tik Tok" by Kesha, but seeing "The Simpsons" willing to take a risk like that with their intro was pretty cool. Plus, Bart in Kanye shades is something that needs to happen more often.

As for "The Boondocks", last night was the Season 3 premiere, and Aaron McGruder was on-point as always. The episode was done as a documentary about the Freemans, their neighbors and the Obama campaign in 2008. "The Boondocks" is actually at its best when it's doing the kind of heavy-handed satire it did last night, and I really enjoyed the general reactions of the characters. The only thing really missing was a "Huey Moment" -- one of the staples of the first two seasons of "The Boondocks" was the moment in each episode where Huey would get so fed up by the general ignorance around him that he'd blow up with an epic rant. But his two themes in yesterday's episode were "eh" and "I'm retired". Hopefully that was just a one-episode thing, because a mellowed-out retired Huey just isn't as fun to watch.

Oh, and I know it was totally unplanned, but the timing of the episode's "Sarah Dubois is attracted to Obama" subplot was pretty perfect, given the recent National Enquirer reports. Sometimes you just get lucky like that.